Day 2 – more


If I had any sense I’d save all of this stuff and spread it out over multiple days. But I’m the kind of gal who tips her head back and empties the entire bag of M&Ms into her mouth at one time. My sister Mary eats one at a time, and still has a couple left at the end of the day. Used to drive me crazy when we were kids. I could usually guilt her into giving me a couple in the late afternoon. Reading this, Mary? Stop feeling guilty. You were always too nice.

Resolution #4: Finish one of those damned books! The cookbook has been finished for a year. I put it together in MS Publisher, and have to pull it out and reformat everything because won’t take Publisher, so I’m dawdling. The Park Avenue Prowl is just sitting there, waiting for a bit of research to be completed. It would take two days to finish. The Jane Stanley & the Artists of Charlevoix book is just an idea. Work on that one last. The restaurant stories are mostly written, but need to be finished properly. Maybe a week. And Lena’s Monument is written in my head, but I have to wait for the snow to melt so I can get back to the cemetery to photograph it. Well, not really. I could have the whole thing written without the photograph. It occurs to me that I am doing what I used to do when I wrote papers as a grad student — get the research done, get the first draft written, then lose interest because what’s left is boring grunt work. One book by the end of June!



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