Day 2


Yes, I’m procrastinating. In many ways. But here I am trying not to reveal anything about myself, while finding something interesting to say, not exactly a winning strategy for a blogger.

Resolution #1: I will not visit Huffington Post. It’s like going sober to a bar and listening to a bunch of drunks talk. Nobody has anything interesting to say, and that provokes me into verbal aggression, which doesn’t help, because (1) you can’t pummel people from stupid to smart; and (2) no matter what you say, they come back with something more idiotic in response.

My sister Gretchen and I attended an ACOA meeting once. We ran from the room so fast you’d have thought it was a WalMart. There are people who build their lives around being victims, the way little kids pick at scabs, ensuring never-healing wounds. I know where all of those folks have gone. They’re hanging out in the “Living” section of HP, celebrating mutual victimhood with like-minded couch warmers.

Resolution #2: I will purchase used clothing. How many pairs of pants does a person really need? I am sick and tired of acting like a crazy consumer. For me it will be recycled clothing, except for underwear & shoes, of course. It would be nice if the rest of you would keep buying, so I can find some decent stuff at the resale shop.

Resolution #3: No more bacon and sausage I was going to include cheese, but that’s just too much for right now. No more pig or cow, in fact. Those pigs are smart; there’s no way I could look one in the eye and slaughter it. So what am I doing eating it? And the stuff is so bad for you. No more excuses. I’m done.



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