Starting over


I just ended another phase of my life, have nothing but a dog to hold me back. I had promised my daughter a dog when she was 10. If I’d been thinking ahead, I’d have realized I’d be stuck with a dog for 6 years or more after she left home, but I wasn’t thinking ahead. Get those pets when the kids are 4 or 5, people! For various reasons we didn’t end up with the dog until she was 15, which means he’s my dog, not hers. OK, I was at a party, drinking beer, and someone brought 9 puppies in a box after the drinking had been going on for some time, and managed to unload all 9.

I called my daughter and asked her if she wanted the puppy, and of course she was enthusiastic, but I should have known that she wouldn’t bond strongly with a dog she was planning to leave in a couple of years to go to college. He was hers just long enough to get the kind of name you hate hearing called in the vet’s office — Biggie, after a dead rap singer or something.

I love the dog and keep telling myself he makes it possible for me to forget to lock the front door at night, so I should quit complaining, but really — what kind of adventure can I have with a dog in tow? If anyone would like a friendly, not so smart, Chow – Wheaton Terrier mix who doesn’t shed, let me know. He’s pretty cute — sleeping in his chair right now, all four feet in the air.



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