January 1, 2010


My friend Sarah, who will soon be a contributor to this blog, has suggested that I call them “aspirations” rather than “resolutions.” I’ve decided to keep them in a sidebar section so I can find them again (see them over there on the left?), and call them aspirations, as she suggests. I admit to a habit of dissolving resolve, so we’ll just recognize that these are things I’m working toward, without penalty or remorse for falling short. Aspirations.

Sarah can tell you what she wishes to tell about herself, but I’ll tell you this: she has a big heart, and she’s one of the world’s great wits. We are mulling over some common adventures, so we’ll share the blog and you can get our different perspectives on what transpires.

I also want to let everyone know that my wonderful cousin Sally has offered to take Biggie.  He caught wind of the “walks in the woods” part of the offer, and is eagerly anticipating the change.  This won’t happen for a few months — have lots to do still, but this is a weight off my mind.  The planets align …  Thanks, Sally.



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