A mountain to clear first


Raechel here.

I have a mountain of things to clear before I can move on, and I have to admit that it’s disheartening. I’ve considered just walking the other way and leaving the mountain to fend for itself, but “just walk away” has been a bit of a theme in my life, with its consequences. If that’s what you do, then how are you to know whether you’re really embracing something new, or just getting the hell out of Dodge? And how can you fully appreciate the new with that danged mountain tugging at your conscience? So I’m chipping away at things.

A friend of mine sends an email to his friends every January 8. It asks us all to celebrate the birthdays of two people — Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon. He includes a short biography of each, and a favorite quote. Yes, it’s quirky and funny, an odd juxtaposition. Now, after all of these years, I look forward to it, anticipate it. It just makes its way from the back of my brain to the front sometime around January 5, and then anticipation builds until I see it arrive, this year on my Blackberry.

For some reason I think these two things are related. Little things you can count on, something like that. Chip, chip, chip.


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  1. From Sarah
    Well said, Raechel! I have a lot of heavy hoisting to do before the great adventure can start. I wonder if our respective mountains are monuments to our years on earth or the number of relationships then and now that make us the repository of so much stuff?

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