What happens before tea


Raechel here.

I have nothing profound to report, so I’ll just tell you what has crossed my mind this morning.

I guess Roberts and Scalia have never heard the word “orthogonal.” The poor lawyer arguing his case had to apologize for being “too professorial.” Now I’m wondering about mathematical illiteracy in that lofty body. It’s not like it’s an obscure word — there aren’t good synonyms (well, maybe “independent,” but it has so many meanings its value as a synonym is low.) That means they don’t know the concept either. Oh, never mind.

My white diner coffee cup, from which I’m sipping tea, says “Less is More – Mies Van Der Rohe.” Somehow we, like Meryl Streep’s character in some movie whose title I cannot remember, got off-course and came to believe that “more is more.” As we madly collect, manage, and dust things, we have time for little else. Less is more, more is less. More or less.


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