Find your spot


Raechel here.

There’s a website,, that tells you where you should live based on answers you give to a series of questions.   I’ve been avoiding it, of course, as one does the dating questionnaires (“find your perfect match”).  Yeah, right.

Tonight I decided to go ahead and try it, admittedly with some trepidation.  After all, what if the answer is Wichita, Kansas or Mobile, Alabama?  What does that say about me?  I could see nothing good coming from this, but did it anyway because I am exhausted from working on five grant proposals simultaneously and trying to keep everything straight.  My brain is full!  So maybe answering these questions will dump some stuff out and free up some space …  And I felt like doing something mindless.

I thought you might get a good laugh out of the results:

Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Hartford, Connecticut
Little Rock, Arkansas
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Worcester, Massachusetts
Fayetteville, Arkansas
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Charleston, West Virginia
Salem, Oregon
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Middlebury, Vermont
Elkins, West Virginia
Oshkosh/Appleton, Wisconsin
Danbury, Connecticut
Johnson, Vermont
Brattleboro, Vermont
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Eugene, Oregon
Providence, Rhode Island
Montpelier, Vermont
Corvallis, Oregon
Madison, Wisconsin
Portland, Oregon
New Haven, Connecticut

And now we know for sure that eHarmony is not for me.  I did try to modify my answers to come up with better locations, but it got worse — Rochester and Duluth, Minnesota!  Good grief.  Do you know where Duluth is?  At the western tip of Lake Superior.   You know, that lake that chews giant freighters up and spits them out in pieces.  Well, I can say this in my defense:  Wisconsin is the only state to have elected a socialist governor.

I’m going to sneak in another little observation, for the people who managed to slog their way across Wisconsin, from Sheboygan to Madison.  Roger Ebert, Mr. Urbane, was obviously shaken by the movie Collapse.  Read his review.  Common Dreams, the progressive blog, had a headline today that read “State of the World 2010:  From Madison Avenue to Mad Max?”   Someone at my peace group tonight looked at me and said “We’re tilting at windmills, aren’t we?”  There’s a strange feeling about …


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