Sick of hearing him talk


I voted for him.  I went to the inauguration, stood in the cold for 4 hours, walked all over the capitol looking for a way out when it was over.  Heck, I cried at the inauguration.  I still think I voted for the right person.  But I am sick to death of hearing him talk.

We voted for all of you, contributed to your campaigns, pay your salaries so that you will spend your days doing the hard work of figuring out what should be done.  We have let you know what’s important to us.   We will do our best to re-elect you if you do your best to do the right thing.  Just stop expecting us to hold your hands through the entire process.  We have our own jobs to do.

OK, ignorant people are easy to fool.  Politicians lie, idiots believe what they say.  I can’t fix that, and here’s some news:  you can’t either.  You can’t play Socratic method, because they aren’t intellectually honest.  Many aren’t capable of that kind of debate.  Many simply react to code words or construct their talking points to appeal to their constituencies.   So stop trying.  Listen to them, call out lies (quickly, simply, and bluntly) when they appear, and move on.  Tell us what you’re going to do.  Period.

The problem with our last Pres. isn’t that he decided things without reaching consensus, it’s that he was too dumb to make good decisions.  You’re not.  Make them.  Cut to the chase.

I wish you had held your comments for the end.  I wish you had said “Here are some inaccurate statements made at today’s session.”  Then “here is the truth.”  (Responding ‘you’re right’ to McCain would have been a nice touch.)  And finally “here is what we are going to do.”   Bullet points.  Five minutes, tops.

Then I would feel a little less concerned and a little more confident about our government.


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  1. I was lucky enough yesterday to listen to the exchange of position thing only while I was in my car, and that’s because I was too lazy to search a new station.
    Rae and I talked about the President on the phone before she posted this, a deeper discussion of her position.
    When we chatted about the ‘news’, I felt okay, but glad that I don’t get wrapped up in government as a personal investment of hopes and dreams any more. But then, when I read Rae’s post, well, it really brought me down. Way down. Why? I was refocusing on the problem – one about which I can do little, largely because it’s not worth the effort to me, and drawing all that negative energy of conflict to me.
    I had to spend time manifesting gratitude for what I have, what I have achieved, and the wonder of the future, to shake those blues away.
    So, Mr. President, chat on. Catch your reflection in the monitor to your heart’s content. I’m disappearing you and covering my ears. And, I’m going to minimize your problems by focusing my attention elsewhere. And that’s the definition of the New Age Citizen; let the old politics die of energetic starvation.
    My next step is finding an equally fascinating topic of discussion so that I won’t be drawn to the pretty shiny talk about politics.

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