Boring, boring, boring


OK, I’m back to writing (4th draft) that big federal grant I’m working on. And I apologize for subjecting everyone to the long grant post, so boring even I can’t read it again. I get involved in something, hate having to do it, have to give it away so I don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s a rotten habit, but I hope you will all simply shrug and say “there she goes again.” Feel free to skip over the rants.

I did consider simply deleting it today and pretending I never posted it. You can do that with a blog, you know. “What post about grant seekers? I don’t remember anything like that. You must have dreamed it.” But then, that wouldn’t exactly be in the true spirit of blogging, would it? We’re supposed to be letting it all hang out, good, bad, stupid, smart, funny, boring.


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