Concentric Circles


I drove to Columbus again today, having spent a couple of days in Charlevoix attempting to take care of stuff (ha!).  For some reason I have adopted the habit of stopping in Dundee (exit 11) to gas up at the Shell station.  I used the bathroom, which is oddly decorated — hand-painted pictures of frames with little girls in fancy hats — very kitsch.  I groan whenever I walk in, and forget about it between visits because it’s so awful.

This time I used the handicap stall because the others were full.  More cute little girls in hats.  But on one wall there is a hand-painted copy of one of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Squares with Concentric Circles.”

Huh?  I stopped at the cash register on my way out and asked who decorated the bathroom.  “Owner’s wife.”  I tried to ask about the Kandinsky, but didn’t get much response.  Then I bought a bottle of water, and asked whether there was a place to put pennies.  “No.  Owner’s wife thinks they’re too dirty to have on the counter.”

How frustrated she must be, owning a gas station, painting bathrooms.  I’d like to see her just take the bathroom over and make it all about her art.  Forget the cute stuff and go for it.  On the way back to Charlevoix, I intend to stop again and take pictures, which I’ll add to this post.


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